About Us

Hi!  I'm Lynette...

Endlessly Trendy Owner-Lynette Lozano

Designer. Dreamer. Perfectionist. Motivated. Creative. Googler. Researcher.  Fast paced.

I am a family gal.  I'm a new stay at home mom and I live for my husband and my five children (Yup, 5.  Well, actually 6...if you count our little angel baby in heaven).  I love to create beautiful things...whether it's to help out one of the kiddos with a school project or send my hubs some goodies for police week (you guessed it, he's a popo).  I personalize apparel, etch cups, accumulate things for endless DIY projects, creating digital works of art, videos, etc.  My close friends know me as a walking encyclopedia.  They think I know everything, and if I don't, they know I'll find out.  (But I don't.  I just have a few extra tricks up my sleeve when it comes to the art of googling.)  I love to read, I'm very tech savvy, really enjoy singing although I'm no Mariah Carey, love to travel and have a dream to be an old lady with my hubs and travel the world with my bucket list.  And...oh.  I love designing.  I really.  Really.  REALLY.  LOVE DESIGNING.

Before making the crazy impulse decision of being a stay at home mom to focus full time on my little shop, Endlessly Trendy, I spent 15 years of my life catering to prospects and residents in the apartment industry.  People I speak to about it love to dig deep into my stories.  I have a lot of hilarious and reality show TV worthy stories from those days!  From the very beginning of that career, I was always coming up with new marketing ideas and constantly making marketing materials (flyers and goodies and such) and fixing old documentation with the most current wording and formatting.  Everyone said I was destined to have my own business.  But, I never thought it would come true.

But the hours dragged longer and the days got shorter. I was spending entirely too much time being stressed out at work and away from my kids.  So after baby #4, I quit.  I started Endlessly Trendy after a friend really liked one of my DIY projects she paid me to do for her that's police themed and therefore encouraged me to open up shop in 2015.  I started on ETSY.  It's been a year, and my shop started growing.  I decided to venture into a new career and worked for an HR department here in Houston and the "missing my family" feelings were still there.  So I quit. Just by impulse.  And just like that, Endlessly Trendy became my full time job and I get to be with my family and still help my husband out as I can financially being he is in law enforcement and on a modest city income.  I've been working on my own website too.  Thankfully, I get to continue my love for creating and designing while bringing you trendy, personalized apparel and gifts!

At first, a lot of my shop on ETSY, and it started with a lot of police themed apparel, being I am a LEOW (Law Enforcement Officer's Wife) and that holds a special place in my heart.  I am expanding to more items that aren't police themed to help gain exposure and more customer base so more people can see what I am capable of creating and hopefully you will share the love I have for designing, but in your case, YOU get to share that love by wearing it or using it and spreading the word to your friends and loved ones!

My dream is to see my business grow to the point I will no longer wake up in the morning wondering if it was the right choice to up and quit my full time job.  I want to be able to know I made the RIGHT choice, and who better to raise our 5 gorgeous children than their own momma?  Thank you so much for your support!

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