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5" x 7" Baby Got Bath Set of 3 - Bathroom Humor Quote - Digital Download - Printable Digital File -

5" x 7" Baby Got Bath Set of 3 - Bathroom Humor Quote - Digital Download - Printable Digital File -

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Imagine this:  You're minding your own business doing your thing in the bathroom.  You look up...see this sign.  PRICELESS.

Perfect for your baby's bathroom!  These printable digital files are ideal to use for your bathroom decor!  They're hilarious!  This listing was made specifically for those who desire to use their own picture frame to print this sign with.  (Alternatively, one can get it professionally printed into a canvas or other printable item).

This listing is for three digital files in 2 formats each compressed into a .zip file for printing with your own software.

Included will be printable digital file is:

  • 5" x 7" PDF Format
  • 5" x 7" JPEG Format...of each design.

It is your responsibility to ensure before purchasing that the software you intend to print with this file with takes one of these 2 file formats.

DISCLAIMER: Watermark will not be part of final design. This listing is not for a physical item. You will NOT receive any physical items in the mail. You will, instead, receive an instant digital download after checkout has completed. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS LISTING. NO EXCEPTIONS.

By purchasing this listing, you agree to the following:

1. You will use this file ONLY to print a physical item for personal or small business use only (i.e. for a frame for a personal or small business bathroom, etc.).
2. Mass production (more than 5 items) is not allowed. If you are printing more than 5 of these items, an extended license is required, ONLY IF approved. Please reach out to our shop for details on purchasing.
3. You may not re-sell this digital file or any portion of it (remaking another file off this one) anywhere. This is for printing a physical item ONLY.
4. Using third party and dropshipping sites with our digital file(s) is strictly prohibited. (i.e. downloading the file to websites like CafePress, Zazzle, etc.)
5. You may not re-sell this digital file as your own work.
6. You may not share this digital file anywhere or with anyone. Only the purchaser may use this file for the sole purpose of printing a physical item for personal or small business use.

If any of the above is violated, we intend to protect our copyright to the fullest extent of the law. We also do internet sweeps to verify our images are being used appropriately as originally agreed when purchasing. (We regularly check websites like Pinterest and CafePress, etc.).

We offer limited technical support and will try to assist whenever possible. Thank you for your business!


If you are looking for a sign that is not this design, reach out to us on facebook at or email at for your vision and we can make it a reality!

DISCLAIMER:  Watermark logo is NOT a part of the product design.

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