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Keto Chicken Crust Mix (Just add to ground chicken) - Low Carb -

Keto Chicken Crust Mix (Just add to ground chicken) - Low Carb -

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Looking for an easy to make Keto Pizza crust that actually doesn't taste gross? Tired of all those other wannabe crusts that just don't cut it? Well, I'm on Keto diet too and so was I! And that's how I experimented and made my own! Say hello to Lynette's Keto Pizza Chicken Crust.

...and the best part?? No eggs required!!

This recipe (and others) are sooo good, I got some friends that finally convinced me I need to start selling them. So that's how my Food/Recipe Category in my shop was born! I am still selling my other custom items, just adding a new forte which I'm so excited to share with y'all!

How to make your crust (I'll include instructions with your order as well):

So, being I can't send raw ground chicken to you, I found the next best alternative. I have created my own gluten free seasoning mix that all you need to do is purchase two packages (2 pounds) of ground chicken (I find mine at the Walmart meat section of all places), and get a mixing bowl and mix it all together with your hands. If you want, add some minced onions to the mix too!

For toppings you can use whatever you want. I personally used:
-pizza sauce
-diced tomatoes
-sliced white onion
-sliced green pepper
-chopped ham
-refrigerated pepperoni
-chopped bacon pre-cooked a bit on stove

Okay, so this is what you do:

1. preheat the oven to 400F
2. Grab a mixing bowl and mix all the crust ingredients together with a fork or clean hands.
3. Put parchment paper (not aluminum foil) on your cookie/pizza pan and take your ball of chicken “dough” and make a circle out of it...not too thin. If you want, you can do like me and get the corners and fold them in so it looks like a traditional pizza crust.
4. Pop it in the oven for 20 minutes. (I just tell my Alexa Echo, “Alexa, remind me about the pizza in 20 minutes”)
5. After 20 minutes have passed, take it out of the oven and grab a couple of paper towels and absorb as much juice as you can around the corners and top to avoid spillage in the oven.
6. Add your preferred ingredients (i.e. sauce, then cheese, ....etc.) What i did was add everything, then add an extra layer 2nd of cheese (not much) and then add the smaller bag of optional seasoning I will include with your shipment.
7. Pop your pizza back in the oven for 25 more minutes. (Reason it’s longer it’s because you want to make sure your chicken crust is completely cooked thru).
8. Let it cool for a bit and then it’s ready to eat! Enjoy:)

Let me know if you made it by posting an ETSY review and share a pic! I would love to see. More Keto friendly recipes to come!

What's included with your order?

You will get two items. A sealed container which you will mix with the ground chicken and a little bag of another seasoning you are to sprinkle on top of the pizza after adding the toppings. Of course, I will also include a copy of these instructions.

What ingredients are used in this seasoning packet?

If you have a nut allergy, do NOT purchase this item! Luckily, there are no traces of eggs!
INGREDIENTS INCLUDE: almond flour (keto safe), cumin, oregano, garlic, onion, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, savory, basil, sage, coriander, cumin, and annatto

How big will the pizza be?

This recipe is enough for one medium size pizza crust if spread out correctly.

How soon will it ship?

Your order is prepared made-to-order and it will be packaged and sent to the USPS within 1-3 business days, not including Sundays or holidays.

I need this now! How can I get my hands on this ASAP?
Your only recourse is to upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

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